People are putting ever greater pressure on the world’s natural resources

Climate change requires both adaptation and mitigation responses. One of the most shocking outcomes of the Coronavirus pandemic has been that the massive disruption to transport, shutdown of commerce and industry and public life generally, only took global emissions back to where they were around 2005. The need to act is becoming increasingly urgent: the window in which to do so increasingly narrow.

The global biodiversity decline has multiple interlinked causes. Loss of habitat is the most powerful driver, together with contamination/pollution, loss of genetic connectivity, pests and disease… the list goes on. Many of the drivers of climate change are also linked to the loss of biodiversity, so perhaps offering the opportunity to address both simultaneously.

Each major crisis masks a vast number of smaller issues, each of which requires a solution. The World’s End consultancy exists to help find those solutions, working with nature to restore, protect and expand the Earth’s resources.

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