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Nature based solutions offer a powerful way to address the defining challenges of the 21st Century, climate change and biodiversity decline. Arresting and reversing climate impacts and wildlife loss requires innovation, shifts in attitudes and behaviour, and finance.

The World’s End Consultancy was established to operate at the interface between research, policy and business to engineer positive change.

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  • Climate change
  • Biodiversity decline


  • Geospatial analysis
  • Literature reviews
  • Natural capital, carbon & offsetting


  • Consultation responses
  • Strategy
  • Position development

latest posts

  • Where did all the trees go?
    Ancient and veteran trees are massively important for wildlife. Knowing where they are is key to their conservation and ongoing management. Mathematical models are combining with citizen science to shed light on these wonderful old trees.
  • The cost of ash dieback
    A while ago I co-authored a short paper on the £15 billion cost to the UK of ash dieback. It made quite a splash in the media and even ended up being cited in both Houses of Parliament. Repeatedly. But what is the legacy of this paper? While the Coronavirus pandemic has already cost the UK’s economy far more than this and will have profound long term societal impacts, we must not lose sight of the importance of trees. The impacts of ash dieback will likely last way beyond the impacts of Covid19. Trees take many decades to mature and …

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#TreesOutsideWoods are a vital yet undervalued part of our #naturalcapital. Mapping by @Bluesky_int is an important step forward and needs future support to understand changes in canopy distribution.

Coral reefs a major store of coastal carbon and centres of biodiversity. Action needed to save them.

We are proud to announce our Natural Capital Conference #NaturalAssetsForFutureGenerations will take place virtually on 3 Nov 2020. To see the agenda and register click here

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